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To All Masons I.D.E.A. Factory/Network Prospects:

"If who you are is determined by what you do, and you are not doing what you love most to do, your are not who you are."

Your Answer to this problem is: R.B.Mason's Accelerated


The key to learning how to operate your mind and body so you can accomplish all your goals and dreams in the least amount of time is offerred in this program.

"Most conventional biofeedback trainers use instruments to teach people how to relax and let go of stress and pain. "I use your inner feelings to teach you how to fulfill your most passionate desires while you relax, let go of stress and pain, and become all that you are." By using your feelings as feedback (sensory-feedback) , instead of conventional biofeedback instruments, I help you make ALL the difference.

As children, we are often taught to do what others want us to do, rather than what "we want" to do.

As adults, we then do what others have taught us is the most important, rather than what "we feel" is the most important.

For example, we are often also taught that it is more important to make money and create economic stability, than to seek fulfillment and joy in our lives.

But if we pursue money and stability at the expense of fulfillment, when we finally get the money and economic stability, we look around with a blank stare and wonder "is that all there is?"

Because if we pursue only money and economic stability, rather than nourishing fulfillment, we end up feeling empty and unfulfilled.



The "ideal" is to have it all i.e. complete fulfillment of our most ardent desires, money and economic stability.

If you get out of your own way and pursue doing what you love most, and repeatedly express the desire to make a profit doing what you love most..."in my unique Breakthrough Biofeedback system using sensory-feedback," you will create exciting, and very motivating feelings that will enable you to reach your most ardent desires.

And if you follow the guidance of those motivating feelings, without being critical of the natural spontaneous actions that follow, you WILL fulfill yourself with surprising ease.

In fact, you will find that when you're doing what you love to do most, you will experience a tremendous uplifting surge of life force, energy and strength flowing through your body.

With my training process, you'll learn that expressing desires for those objectives you don't' really desire will create negative feedback feelings like "these words don't really fit." While expressing desires for your most desired objectives will create positive feedback in the form of feelings that create an uplifting surge of inner power, life force, inner satisfaction and energy. Because your life force comes from the fulfillment of your most ardent desires, pursuing other than your most ardent desires, inhibits the flow of your life force.

While you learn how to pay attention to, and fully experience, your feelings more adequately through my unique Breakthrough Biofeedback training process, you'll learn to understand and follow the guidance of your feelings with far more creative output. In fact -- you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to become more successful at creating ideas, services and products that enable you to reach your goals.

You'll learn that true success comes from trusting and following the guidance of your inner feelings in order to attain complete and total fulfillment. It does not come from the pursuit of money... and that is one of the most important breakthroughs you'll make from employing this process.

To discover, create and distribute freedom, health, happiness and prosperity throughout the world between now and the year 2001.

By paving a road to the optimum in health, performance and stabilized financial growth through the application of the life force, the principles of integrity and the utilization of free enterprise...while creating breakthrough communications, innovation, discovery and an unprecedented rate. my I.D.E.A. Factrder to accomplish my objectng those who want to make the world a far beto If you can convince me you have that desire and are totally committed to becoming all you can be, you may be qualified to become one of my I.D.E.A. Factory/Network associates.

If you think you can convince me of your committment, write to me at

If you can't convince me, you won't qualify to become an associate.


I am Ronald B. Mason. I'm a volitional scientist, breakthrough biofeedback trainer, nutritionist, innovator, discoverer, entrepreneur and a graduate of The Free Interprise Institute, FEI (also known as the Liberal Institute of Natural Science and Technology) of Los Angeles, California. (Liberal at this school stands for "liberty," not a political "liberal" like most members of the current democratic party).



In my opinion, because of the Science of Volition and the Theory of Primary Property created by FEI's developer and former Director, Andrew J. Galambos, FEI is the best school in the world for teaching innovation, discovery, free enterprise and entrepreneuring.

If you want to know more about Andrew J. Galambos and The Free Enterprise Institute, call me at (949) 262-0110 



I've been seeking to discover and develop the optimum in health and performance since 1979. In the course of that pursuit, I discovered that optimum health and performance, among other things, is derived:

1.     from harnessing and applying the power of the life force (also known as "the force," prana, chi, orgone, kundalini, etc.);

2.     through the understanding derived from personal awareness, self communications and deep experiential sensation;

3.     the optimum and appropriate consumption of vitamins and minerals...either in the foods and liquids we consume or through nutritional supplements we take in.A


In order to discover and understand what I have learned as a biofeedback specialist, nutritionist and volitional scientist, I have used:

o        The scientific method.

o        A scientific principle known as Occum's Razor.

o        Hypnosis & self hypnosis.

o        Biofeedback, Sensory-Feedback & the principle of "least effort."

o        Dream interpretation and an original dream processing technique I have developed to enhance the life force. (This is done by extracting and processing what I call "verbal vitamins"(tm) from dreams).

o        The taoist secrets of cultivating sexual energy enhanced with discoveries I've made while processing my own sex energy.

o        Kundalini yoga techniques.

o        An original communications process I've developed I call "focused self talk"tm.

o        Therapeutic magnets along with "focused self talk" to dramatically reduce the pain I felt in my feet from walking on concrete floors while working at a home improvement center.

o        The knowledge gained about nutrition and "colloidal minerals" from an audio tape by Dr. Joel Wallach entitled: Dead Doctors Don't Lie.

o        More knowledge gained about nutrition from two books written by Dr. Joel Wallach & Dr. Ma Lan entitled: Let's Play Doctor and Rare Earths.

o        Pycnogenol and grape seed extract to boost my life force, improve my blood flow and reduce aging caused by free radical damage.

  • Purified water to reduce and eliminate toxins in the body.

  • Other energetic modalities including: Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and PsychoKeniseology


I'm currently seeking to understand and employ totally integrating nutrition utilizing the optimum and appropriate consumption of vitamins and minerals in order to enhance the power and flow of my life force.

Spasmodically, I am utilizing my methods of "focused self talk" in conjunction with exercise and EFT techniques to enhance my health and blood flow. I suspect that if I were to increase the frequency of my "breakthrough workouts," my health would improve much more rapidly and effectively. So I am intending to increase the frequency and duration of my breakthrough exercises substantially over the coming weeks and months.


However, I am working on causing myself to feel the pleasurable flow of the life force throughout my body almost any time I choose. I have experienced this many times in the past and it is wonderful! I love it and I expect my evolution towards TOTAL integration with the life force to continue as long as I continue working with my Breakthrough Biofeedback processes and other related, techniques, nutrition products, foods and waters. I have also found that the regular intake of medication makes it more difficult to experience that flow as frequently and as readily as I have in the past.


Over the years, I have occasionally experienced previews of what total integration of the life force would be like. On those occasions, I feel much lighter and stronger... along with a sense of very satisfying, flowing life force and a stronger sense of intuitive insight and understanding. I have discovered that one of the most important techniques I use to create these previews is how and where I focus my attention.

It is these preview experiences that have heightened my motivation and increased my confidence in my knowledge that "I am on the right track."

That's why I know when I fulfill my dream of becoming totally integrated with the life force, I will feel light, strong and in total harmony within myself. I'll also feel much healthier and have far more control over my mind and body. Plus -- I will be far more effective at most everything I do.


As my understanding and comprehension of how to apply my Breakthrough Biofeedback process grows and improves, I predict my overall body condition and performance will improve, as well. CA

As I mentioned earlier, as I continue my progress, I have also experienced occasional setbacks due to diabetic and a partially clogged artery condition. I'm learning a lot from these conditions and occasionally experience colds and other minor ailments, as well. But each time, whenever I chose to work with myself, I feel much, much better and learn a little more...sometimes a lot more.

Consequently, I am looking forward to the fulfillment of my dreams with "high hopes" and "high expectations" in my ability to attain the eventual success of my goals, dreams and integration with the life force.


After a private one-hour introductory training session with each participant, my GROUP Breakthrough Biofeedback training seminar will begin. It also includes approximately 18 three-hour group-training sessions.

It is exciting, motivating and prepares you to understand the true significance of my breakthrough discoveries, as well as prepare you to adapt to the rapid accelerating change currently going on in the new network economy after our recent financial crises.B


As an I.D.E.A. Factory/Network Associate, after completing my Breakthrough Biofeedback training program, you'll be ready for my Mechanics of Breakthrough training.


While I continue pursuing my quest to discover new knowledge about the life force, I am creating and building a unique kind of business. A business based on my research, discoveries and innovations. I call this business a Virtual Life Force Conglomerate.

Like myself, I also expect my virtual conglomerate to continue evolving with greater and greater integration with the life force for many years into the future.

And because I have come to realize that free enterprise and the life force empowers those who understand, I intend to use my conglomerate (and all of its entrepreneurial derivatives) to teach and distribute the empowering understanding of entegrity, FREE ENTERPRISE and THE LIFE FORCE world wide.

For more information concerning other progress, goals and expectations, see...

R.B.Mason's Personal Life Force Conglomerate

R.B.Mason's I.D.E.A. Factory/Network


Critical Health & Performance Breakthroughs




eBook - advanced publication orders now being accepted.

Live training now available for pre-enrollment.



No book currently scheduled for this topic.

Training/Seminar available following completion of Breakthrough Biofeedback Training/Seminar, but won't be scheduled until an adequate number of pre-enrollments are received.


Book intended to be available toward the end of 1999.

Training/Seminar available following completion of Mechanics of Breakthrough Training/Seminar.


For Relaxation & Self Improvement

* Highly effective prototype CD's now available.



* Available soon




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