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Kirlian Photographic Research conducted by
Herman Hartzel, Hartzel's Studio, Inglewood, California

A very clever and creative guy I worked with for many years in the field of advertising. When I told Herm I was getting interested in Kirlian Photography, he told me he had already built his own Kirlian Photography device and had already begun experimenting with it. He said he had decided to work with black and white film only because the colors you get from colored Kirlian Photography depended on the kind of film used. Therefore, Herm thought shape and form had more meaning than color in Kirlian Photography.

Emotions of Happiness and Anger
These Kirlian Photos were made from photographing and enlarging the tip of Herm's forefinger while he focused his attention on feeling two different emotions. The finger tip with the wide furry bunny rabbit looking aura around it was created while he was focusing on feeling happy. The finger tip with the lightening bolt looking aura around it was created while Herm was focusing on feeling intense anger.

To my knowledge, these photos represent the first time any Kirlian experimenter tried to see if emotional differences would create different auras.

Later, I accidentally discovered I could feel my life force between my hands and fingers. It felt like two magnets attracting and repelling each other. This feeling convinced me even more that the aura the Kirlian process could photograph was, in fact, the life force. In addition, these photos made me realize the life force and emotion was one and the same energy.
After Cutting from Plant

Herm photographed this dandylion leaf just moments after cutting the leaf from its parent plant. We know the plant is still alive because of the fairly large aura still surrounding the leaf.
Dandylion: After Being Loved
This dandylion leaf is the same leaf as shown above. The only difference is, Herm had passed his hand back and fourth above it for about ten minutes while he purposefully projected as much love into the leaf as he could. The outcome as you can see, is that the leaf's aura radiated the love it received. In a sense, it appears the leaf was loving Herm back. Now we know why loving hugs and kisses affect us so very much.
Simulated Healing Hands Photograph
When I discovered I could feel the power of the life force between my hands, repelling and attracting my hands like magnets, I decided a photograph simulating the feeling would make a great logo for my Life Force business. I told Ruth about it and she had an associate of hers by the name of John create a simulated photo of two hands feeling the life force. The blue in the photo represents the life force.

Kirlian Aura Around Ruth's Head
We don't recall who took this Kirlian Photograph, but it was taken using a different kind of process than the photos taken of the finger tips. In this process, the aura seems to float in space around Ruth's head. Also, because the photo was taken in color, and the color outcome is affected by the kind of color film used, this photo shows a kind of golden/yellow aura. But because we don't know what kind of emotion Ruth was feeling at the time, we can't tell what the aura means. If you suspect you have an idea of what this aura means, send us an email at and let us know you think about it.
The Remaining Kirlian Photos Were Taken by Ruth and Myself. In this one, the Power of Love Overlaps.
Here, friends of ours, a man and woman by the name of John and Gloria look into each others eyes with love. While they look, we take a Kirlian photo and see an overlapping taking place between the auras radiating around their finger tips. The interesting thing is, most people putting their finger tips together during a Kirlian photo, show their auras actually repelling each other, rather than attracting or overlapping the way it is here. I suspect that John and Gloria have opposite magnatism which attracts the auras towards each other, while most other people have like magnatism that repels the auras like magnets.
Repelling Auras Between Lovers
Here our son, Kurt and his fiance Sue, try three different posses to see how their energy is affected by different methods. In the bottom photo, Kurt and Sue are just standing and facing each other. In the middle photo, Kurt and Sue are confronting each other i.e. staring into each other's eyes without touching. In the top photo, Kurt and Sue are hugging each other with opposite arms while placing the front of their fingers closely together without touching. We expected that the more loving they became, the more their auras would try to touch or overlap. But no matter what they did here, the outcome was the same. This made me suspect they had opposing magnetic fields that repelled their energy and their love for each other had nothing to do with the result.
Dissappearing Auras
In this photo, a small group of our friends and relatives were all standing in a circle around the Kirlian photography plate with our fingers placed on the photo paper laying on the plate. The instructions for the group was to try and feel as angry as they could while their aura was being photographed. The outcome was that our friend John's aura almost disappeared. But you will notice that most everyone's aura got a little smaller and more spotty in places around the outside edges of the auras.

Ron and Ruth's Auras

Here Ruth and my left and right thumbs are facing each other after relaxing. If you will notice, my aura's on the right are much stronger than Ruth's auras on the left. But it was noticed during several experiments that both our auras got larger and fuller after doing some deep self-hypnosis. Somehow, I seemed to get more effective at boosting my life force than Ruth, consequently, my aura seemed to always be a little larger than Ruth's after that.

Later on, I discovered that I had the kind of life force that equipped me to do hands on healing. I'll tell you more about this experience in another place on this site.

A Kirlian Device for Ruth's Birthday in 1982
In 1982, Ruth received her birthday present a little early. Her gift was a Kirlian Photography Device with an attached copper plate covered with clear plastic. The maker of the device was Kendall Johnson a student associate of Thelma Moss, the author of a book entitled The Body Electric which Ruth and I read before we attended her lecture at the University of California at Riverside. This lecture inspired us so much, I bought the device for Ruth's birthday that year. Ruth was really infatuated with Kirlian Photography in those days, and still is.