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Pursuing Optimum Wellness, Peak Performance & the Reduction of Negative Stress

(1) For stress, pain and anxiety.

(2) Identification of vitamin, mineral, herbal and other nutrient deficencies or excesses.

(3) For energetic spinal balancing.

(4) For energetic meridian clearing & balancing.

(5) For energetic chakra clearing & balancing.

(6) Performs Electro-Chelation for clearing veins and arteries.

(7) For energetic face lifts and skin line & wrinkle reduction.

(8) For optimizing body condition and performance, especially for golfers: including professionals, amatures and seniors.

(9) For energetic relaxation conditioning and training.

(10) For Neuro Linguistic Programing thru energetic emotional biofeedback release .

(11) For delivery of energetic equivelant of vitamins, minerals, herbs, other nutrients, homeopathic remedies and energetic remedies.

(12) For reducing energetic stress in teeth, gums and other dental conditions.

(13)For energetic identification & reduction of virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites and toxins.

(14) For energetic sports performance improvement including: strength, flexibility, coordination, visual imagery, hormone balancing, mental focus, etc.

(15) For energetic improvement of mental performance including: memory, psychic abilities, superlearning, intelligence, etc.

(16) For identifying, reducing and eliminating chemical toxins, as well as, perverse energies such as: radiation, cell phone, TV, Computer and other negative and distructive energies.

I have been using a QAUNTUM BIOFEEDBACK system in my work for about five years. This instrument integrates almost every holistic health concept or modality into one futuristic system that most likely will change the direction of medicine, mind development, psychic enhancement, business, sports and success performance within the next five years. But, in my opinion, the dynamic accelerated progress in all these human processes has only been made possible through the integration of Quantum Biofeedback technology with the understanding of the life force.

William Nelson, former NASA enginer who worked in the early years of the U.S. space program has utilized his understanding of healing to utilize his knowledge of energy medicine and the life force to develop one of the most exciting multi modality biofeedback devices the world has ever seen. His device is called the Quantum Biofeedback instrument also known as the EPFX/SCIO device.


See the caption for the photo shown immediately below.

I sincerely recommend you make it your business to personally experience the many benefits of Quantum Biofeedback energetics. When you do, you too, will become convinced of the real existance and power of the life force.


Relieves all forms of personal stress; pain and anxiety. In fact, "I am one of the best pain relieving biofeedback specialists I know of."


This amazing space age energy research is expected to help U.S. professional, amature and senior golfers optimize their body condition and performance far beyond their current level of ability.

Private Training: Reg.$150 per two hour session.

Group Training: Reg. $25 per two hour session.

Liquid Optimum Performance Nutrients custom made just for you: $75 per bottle (about one month's supply). 

* Participate Now *

Call me at (949) 262-0110 to order products, sign up for training or get more information.

FREE Quantum Biofeedback DEMO for those Seeking Optimum Body Condition & Performance. Call me at (949) 262-0110 for complete details.

If you are pursuing the optimum in body condition and performance for yourself, your family members and/or business associates, and would like a free 60 minute private demo over the phone to learn just how Quantum Biofeedback Conditioning and optimum performance training works, call me at (949)262-0110 or email me for an appointment at and leave your email address and/or phone number. I'll get back to as soon as possible to set your appointment.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Ronald B. Mason

Certified Biofeedback Specialist,
Life Force Coach, Volitional Scientist,
Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner,
Sales and Training Consultant

"Pursuing the Optimum in Body Condition and Performance"

Business Phone: (949) 262-0110

FAX: (949) 653-1302


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Some of the most fun Ruth and I are having is developing ways to improve the results created by the Quantum Biofeedback device (EPFX) we originally took delivery on about Feb.9,2003. It involves space age technology, i.e. quantum physics. We call it, “holistic conditioning at the push of a button.”

IN MAY OF 2004, I won and received delivery of the next generation of Quantum Biofeedback Device called the SCIO. The SCIO upgrade is helping us dramatically accelerate and improve both the speed and effectiveness of our work. With the new SCIO, we can operate up to twelve healing modalities simultaneously. A fabulous innovation.

IN JUNE OF 2005, we took delivery on a second EPFX/SCIO device. In the meantime, the SCIO software is being upgraded every few months, making our abilities as Quantum Biofeedback practitioners and researchers improve almost constantly.

The Quantum (EPFX/SCIO) is fully integrated with energetic: electro-acupuncture; chiropractic; dental; herbal; homeopathic; kinesiology; naturopathy; nutrition and holistic wellness balancing…and many other wellness enhancing modalities.

The Quantum can tell you if you have any vitamin or mineral deficincies; if you have parasites, what kind they are if you have them, and can zap them so they don't bother you any more. It can do the same with viruses, bacteria and funges. Best of all, it can tell you if your meridians and chakras are open or plugged, whether or not they are flowing with the life force and help you open the flow whenever necessary.

Truly, this is the most amazing space age energy medicine I have ever seen.

In fact, with the EPFX/SCIO upgrade, the Quantum Biofeedback device is so far ahead of every other kind of stress reduction system, I fully expect it to revolutionize wellness and performance improvement within the coming months and years.

Five years ago, there were already close to 10,000 Quantum Biofeedback devices being used all over the world, by now, usage may have doubled. And because of the Quantum, we are now offering wellness & performance energy you can spray under your tongue to enhance the benefits and value derived from the Quantum.

So far, Ruth and I have attended numerous spectacular training seminars about the Quantum. In addition, we have purchased numerous training DVD's and attended numerous Webinars online that have dramatically accelerated our understanding and effectiveness. Because we have been conventional biofeedback specialist, as well as students of most of the various modalities included in the device for many years, we are learning to understand its unique operating features rather quickly. In fact, we have become quite expert with it.

There are numerous Quantum Biofeedback training protocals now available. In fact, there are even occassional complimentary trainings available on line at no charge. Consequently, we will be doing a lot more training, as well as experimenting, on ourselves, friends and family with the device. (We never sell any device, nutrition or energy supplement to our clients, we haven’t first tried on ourselves and proven it effective to our full satisfaction). If you would like to experience a Quantum Biofeedback demonstration over the phone, call me at (949) 262-0110 or email me at and I'll set you up with an appointment.

In our opinion, this is one of the best times in the history of the world to be alive.

We have been caught up in the personal computer revolution for many years, but now the computer revolution has joined the energy medicine revolution. Sometimes we cannot believe the wellness and performance advances that are being made as a result.

Dr. William Nelson, former NASA engineer who worked in the early years of the U.S. space program used his extensive healing knowledge of energy medicine and the life force to develop one of the most exciting multi-modality biofeedback devices the world has ever seen.


The EPFX/SCIO-Q, the next generation of the Quantum Biofeedback Device, is at least 400% more effective than the EPFX model was by itself and is filled with many more multitasking features than ever before.

This is one of my favorite images
Place anything like pictures, sketches, logos or products on this page!

This is one of my favorite images
I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking.

This is one of my favorite images
Place anything like pictures, sketches, logos or products on this page!

This is one of my favorite images
I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking.

This is one of my favorite images
Place anything like pictures, sketches, logos or products on this page!