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"Every challenge and/or adversity carries with it an opportunity for growth and breakthrough. But you won't find the opportunity unless you look for it and you won't break through unless you make the decision to try."

                                         Copyright by Ronald Byron Mason

Why not make the decision to join my Life Force Coaches, Healers & Holistic Practioners Network, today! I promise you, you'll be glad you did. It will soon have its own webpage on this site.

During a life time of learning, researching, discovering, innovation, developing, writing and lecturing, I repeatedly turned challenge and adversity into opportunity, growth and breakthrough. In the process, I independantly discovered the power, feeling and flow of the life force for myself.

It was only after I had discovered the life force for myself that I began to fully understand what others meant when they wrote or talked about chi, prana, orgone, kundalini, life force, etc. Before that, for me, the life force was only an intellectual concept, not a fully conscious experience.

It was while I was training myself and others to enhance personal performance and break through body condition problems with biofeedback, NLP, hypnosis, self talk, dream processing and the mechanics of breakthrough that I discovered "optimum self expression", "electric breathing" and "verbal vitamins" [TM] extracted from dreams could enhance and integrate the power and flow of the life force in the human body.

After that, it was while I was seeking to build a residual income in the holistic nutrition network marketing field that I discovered that vitamins, minerals, herbs and subtle energies could be used to enhance and integrate the life force in the human body even more.

My vision is to use all this knowledge, experience and understanding to teach the people of the world (especially the western world) that life force really does exist. That it is not just an intellectual concept. That the life force is the volitional being's primary source of optimum body condition, freedom, innovation and peak performance.

Thus, my ultimate objective is to discover how the human being can be totally integrated with the life force in order to create optimum body conditoin and peformance, as well as, prolong life to the ultimate. Then sell and teach that knowledge and understanding to those in the world who want to become all they can be.

If you would like to join me in the pursuit of my vision, please call or email me. If you want to know more about what I am doing and where I'm going right now, click on the FREE Mason RESEARCH eNewsletter link on the left hand side of this page.

I hope I'll be hearing from you soon. Especially if you think about your body condition and performance the way I do and are committed to becoming all you can be.

Kind regards,

Volitional Scientiest
Life Force Coach,
Quantum Biofeedback Specialist,
Trainer and Sales Consultant


Call (949) 262-0110





Create rapid, powerful, accelerating results with feeling the flow of the life force! For those who are in a hurry to feel the power and flow of the life force NOW! Find out about these amazing Life Force Boosting Products right away:

* Vital Force Energy Cream.

* Vital Force Energy Supplements (Many variations available).

* Integrating Vitamins, Minerals and other energetic nutrients in spray form for under the tongue to boost power and energy betweens biofeedback sessions.

* Application instructions included.

Call me at (949)262-0110 or email me at for details, prices and ordering information.


Join me in my next Life Force Research Trip at the Integretron Dome in the California desert about 30 miles from Palm Springs planned for sometime during 2009. In the adjacent photo, I'm standing near the focal point inside the Integretron Dome during my first researching trip there.

Now that I understand what is there and how it works, I intend to make my next research trip there far more exciting and fulfilling. If you would like to come along and feel what it is like to feel the life force flowing through your body in this amazing dome, call me at (949) 262-0110 for information and/or reservations.