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Breakthrough OPTIMUM RESEARCH eNewsletter.

"Every challenge is an opportunity for growth and breakthrough.
But you won't find the opportunity if you don't look for it.
And you won't breakthrough unless you make the decision to try".

Copyright by Ronald Byron Mason.

Many of my breakthrough innovations and discoveries concerning the life force have come about as a result of searching for answers to problems concerning my personal illness and unsatisfactory performance.

For example, many of the discoveries and innovations made during my creation and development of the "real" mechanics of the mind came out of the work I did recording, translating and processinng my dreams while trying to recover from colitus, anxiety and paranoia. The insight that came from this work led to my creating an entirely new self communication process I call "Focused Self Talk." I believe it is this process that will enable mankind to learn how to operate his mind and body better than at any other time in history, ultimately leading to Optimum Wellness and Performance.

Masons OPTIMUM RESEARCH eZine reports the current and on-going research being conducted by myself, Ronald B. Mason and my wife, Ruth, about accelerating the enhancement and integration of the Life Force, improving body conditions, as well as, peak performance.

My primary research focus at the moment is testing the performance of the Quantum Biofeedback device and how exercise, nutrition, purified water and "focused self talk" affects the life force. I am also in the process of creating, writing and editing about twelve books, developing and editing previously recorded CD's and DVD's for distribution, plus developing, enhancing and updating this and other websites.

If you want to subscribe to this unique Masons OPTIMUM RESEARCH eZine and stay abreast of my innovations and discoveries as they occur, seize the opportunity! Send for a free sample issue now by filling in the comments box with: "Masons Optimum Research eZine." I'll forward your copy as soon as the next issue is available.

Thanks for your interest and participation.

Ronald B. Mason

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Ronald B. Mason


Copyright 2002 and 2008 by Ronald Byron Mason