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Virtual Life Force Conglomerate
A wonderful dream...


Learn how you can improve your health, happiness and prosperity with:

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"Pursuing the Optimum in Personal Performance
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This web site was last updated on 2008/13/10

Check this page for recent updates to this site:  For example, I might list the date and a brief description of recent updates something like this:

7/16/00   Pictures of my latest research project have been added to this photo page.
6/25/00   My webinar schedule has been added for the year 2009 to make sure you don't miss any.
5/30/00   Here's information about my new publication entitled: How to Bounce Back from Financial Collapse .

Updated news about my site's breakthroughs, innovations and important changes. For example, I'd might discuss the outcome of a recent experiment.

Welcome To My Home Page

There have been many recent changes made to this website. This site has been planned for a very long time, but I have not been prepared to go forward with this complete website until now. All things going as planned, you can expect this site to grow substantially in the coming weeks. Come back often to watch the breakthrough growth of a unique and exciting new business/life style.

Kind regards,

Ronald B Mason

Site Enhancements Planned:

Look for my updated CANTACT PAGE where you can more readily send me your emails, comments, questions, etc. Many other enhancements are planned for the coming weeks and months.

How to Bounce Back from Financial Collapse!

"Every challenge & adversity is an opportunity for growth and breakthrough. But you won't find the opportunity if you don't look for it and you won't breakthrough unless you make the decision to try."

....Copyright 1991 by Ronald Byron Mason

If you have recently encountered extra problems or difficulties with your job, marital relations, personal finances such as unexpected boosts in mortgage rates, or you have even lost your home through the problems associated with the recent U.S. fiancial crises, check out our "Seize-the-Day" Training Programs webpage where ideas and programs for coping with adversity, challenge and change will soon be ready to help turn this adversity into opportunity, growth and breakthrough.

If you want to be notified about this group program as soon as it is ready. write "Bounce Back from Financial Collapse" on the subject line and send an email to RBMasonsLifeForce@juno.com and we'll put you on the group "Bounce Back" Seize-the-Day email list. But if your situation is more urgent and you need to find out how to get more immediate personal assistance right away, call (949) 262-0110.   We're prepared to help you on an individual basis right now.


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