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Who I am and What I am all about.

I am known as Ron Mason, R.B.Mason, Ronald B Mason and Ronald Byron Mason.

The name I like being called by my friends and associates is Ron

I want to be listened to with an open mind. But never take my word for anything I claim to be true. Make your own observations and experience my claims for yourself. Then decide whether or not what I claim is, in fact, true.

Realize, the most simple solution to any problem is always the best.

Wellness & Performance Coach, Quantum Biofeedback Sales Consultant & Specialist, Innovator, Discoverer, Entrepreneur, Author, Lecturer, Publisher, Sensory-feedback Trainer, Holistic Practitioner, Nutrition/Supplement Distributor/Consultant and RESEARCHING Volitional Scientist.

OVERLAPING CAREERS: 44 years in advertising, 34 years as a researching volitional scientist, 29 years as a biofeedback specialist, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Dream Interpretor, Processor & Integrator, Hands-on-Healer and Wellness & Performance Coach. Last 7 years: Internet Marketing, ePublisher, eCommunications, Optimum Wellness and Performance Research, Holistic Practitioner, personal health recovery and Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Sales Consultant, Trainer and Researcher.

In various businesses of my own since 1959

EDUCATION: See the second webpage above on this site.

My wife and I were both married to others before we met each other. She had three children by previous marraiges and I had three children by a previous marraige. So we joined together making a total of six children and became "the Brady Bunch."

After 29 years of marraige, we now have fourteen grand children and two great grandchildren.

I had the good fortune of having my mother live to the age of 92. Because of our genetic background, I expected my mother to live to at least 100, but it didn't work out that way.

Our genetic background includes: a great aunt that lived to the age of 108, my aunt's older brother who lived to 103; a younger brother who died at 101.

With this kind of ancestry and the progress currently being made by holistic medicine, I don't see how I can miss living to at least 100 myself. And through continual research, discovery, innovation, education, fulfilling focused self expression, exercise and understanding the power of the life force, I may stretch my longevity a little further than my immediate ancestors.


Enhanced my personal health with homeopathy applied by Dr. Thomas Skrenes, the discoveries of Dr. Hulda Clark about parasites, the application of nutrition as taught by Dr. Joel Wallach, energy supplementation by Dr. Yury Kronopolis; and the application of the Quantum Biofeedback Device created by Dr. William Nelson and applied by myself and Ruth.

Plus -- the application of "focused selt-expression" and "life force integration thru music, exercise and working with dreams" as developed and applied by myself, Ronald B. Mason.

Currently researching, developing and extending the integration of the Science of Volition, psychology & biology with nutrition, the life force (subtle energies), Quantum Biofeedback, sound (especially music), exercise, dream processing (Verbal Vitamins[TM]), Focused Self-Expression[TM} and Electric Breathing[TM]. I am also seeking to discover the holistic cure for diabetes and am developing an Optimum Golf Performance process I expect will revolutionize the world of golf.

CURRENTLY BUILDING "Masons OPTIMUM COACHES Network." See the OPTIMUM COACHES article on my website at http://rbmasonslifeforce.byregion.net

1. Pursuing happiness and expressing my feelings and emotions.
2. Respecting Property: physical and intellectual.
3. Always practicing Free Enterprise with Honesty and Integrity.
4. Learning, research and discovery.
5. Innovation and free enterprise.
6. Always paying gratitude for value received.

The most important part of network marketing is word of mouth referrals i.e. personal experiences, stories and testimonials. And finding partners who think just like me i.e. totally committed to becoming all they can be.


Innovation Networking is a new innovation derived from Andrew J Galambos' concept "The Nature and Protection of Primary Property." It applies some of the motivation, compensation and benefits of network marketing to innovation and discovery. When it is applied correctly and adequately, I expect it to change the world by creating a level of progress through innovation and discovery that has never been achieved before.

Except for family contact and events, nothing is more fun than research, innovation, discovery and free enterprise. This is MY KIND OF EXCITEMENT!

My wife Ruth and I have never been into motorcycles, but we do love to go along with our kids and their children when they go water skiing, although they have not been doing much of that lately. More recently, we are enjoying many family gatherings at our grandchildrens baseball games.

I now play golf about once a week and work on myself with the QXCI/SCIO sports protocal once or twice a week. As a result, I am making amazing strides in improving my health and golf performance, as well as, dramatically improving my understanding of how to use the QXCI/SCIO sports protocal to create optimum golf performance. I am also working on developing a new space age Optimum Golf Performance/TuneUp Research Program to help U.S. amature & professional golfers improve their game, physical strength, focus, coordination, flexibility, visual imagery, as well as, energy (life force).

I am a great lover of innovation and discovery and have to give Jay Snelson, an old high school and college friend and my best friend John Reynolds Gardiner, a great deal of thanks for introducing me to Dr. Andrew J. Galambos, a major innovator and physicist whose lectures I attended for about ten years.

Galambos’ teaching really got us interested in innovation and the process of discovery. It has added a whole new dimension to our lives. I can send you the address of a webpage about him, too, if you are interested.

Now, what are you doing that is as interesting and exciting as that? If nothing you are doing is that much fun, you might want to join us. Let us know, if you are interested. We can talk on the phone by your calling me at (949) 262-0110 or we can communicate by appointment through Yahoo Instant Messenger, or through ordinary email.

Kind regards,

Ronald B Mason,
Volitional Scientiest, Holistic Practitioner,
Wellness & Peformance Coach,
Quantum Biofeedback Specialist,
Sales Consultant & Trainer.

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Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 by Ronald Byron Mason

TM - Trade Marks by Ronald Byron Mason

Custom pages can be used for any kind of content and are a great way to add information to your site.
Custom pages can be used for any kind of content and are a great way to add information to your site.
Custom pages can be used for any kind of content and are a great way to add information to your site.